Yokohama apartment by ondesign

Party and local residents, such as presentation of exhibitions and production of artists over the weekend, in the normal residence is realized by the things that owns the plaza not be taken. Has been structured “square” external half of 5m high ceiling lounge was open to the first floor neighborhood, around each round the private staircase from there, that comes into the room on the second floor residence high and bright.

Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Date of completion
June 2009
Responsible for
Erika Nakagawa + Tsukasa Nishida
A steel bird village
Site area
140.61 square meters
Construction area
83.44 square meters
Total floor area
152.05 square meters
Structure and design
Sakane, structural design
Shin Young Co., Ltd.
Modern Living NO.198 July 2008 Notes EXTRA UNITED PROJECTFILES 02 February 2010 Figaro Japon Architecture Building No.918 Casa BRUTUS February 2010 issue Nikkei new house construction play MARK no27 LIVES52

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