House in Chiharada by Studio Velocity by Johnny

stillshots from the video, courtesy shinkenchiku | click to enlarge

If there’s 1 thing you should know about “House in Chiharada” it’s this: the home’s Japanese name is much more interesting. Translated to the effect of, “a bottom floor with a view of the sky and a top floor that’s like a town,” the residential home is the latest project by Studio Velocity (previously), who are known for their clever us of space and unique-looking structures.

Located in Aichi prefecture, the home derives it’s name from the way stairwells rise up in the living room to resemble buildings in a town.

The oval-shaped dining room on the 2nd floor has 4 towering stairwells of varying heights, mimicking the landscape of a town.

The 2nd floor dining room, as seen from above.

Various openings and windows create dynamic focal points. Skylights in the stairwells also pass light down to the first floor where there is a kids room and bedroom.

architectural model courtesy the architects


source: @shinkenchikusha


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