the moment architecture is born by Fujimoto sou; 건축이 태어나는 순간

the moment architecture is born.

Fujimoto sou, he has certain philosophy and contains it in his work.
after reading this book, you can feel like I fully understand his thinking, but his architecture is always unpredictable.
adjusting to nature, weak architecture, these might be a things that every architect has pursued for a long time and still is pursuing but the way he expresses is always remarkable and new. That becomes a concept we see, architecture.

그는 확고한 자신만의 디자인 철학을 가지고 있고 모든 건축에 담는다.
책을 읽고나면 그의 철학을 다 이해한듯 하지만
그의 건축은 언제나 예측불가능하다.
어쩌면 모든 건축에서 추구하는 컨셉이지만
그 구현방법은 언제나 새롭다.


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