Artificial Nature & Natural Artifact

Artificial Nature & Natural Artifact

  •  a plan for turning Okin apartment into a park
  • Graduation work

  Seochon(the west village) is located on the west side of KyoungBok Palace, right before the Inwang Mountain. Unlike other part of Seoul, development pace has been slow due to the adjacency to Chungwa Dae & cultural heritages.

Most parts of the area are residential, these days the housings are tuning into single-room type.  The site is Ok-in apartment complex located on the end skirt of Inwang Mountain. The site has been residential area for the last 30 years. Now it is to be refurbished as a “green park”, it will become a part of Inwang mountain park.

I would like to propose a mixed use of urban function and a natural park on the site. The urban function will provide a road to the nature, the mountain, from other part of Seochon area. The road will become a park with urban function and blur the boundary between the urban area and the nature.


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