small projects

Interaction for Inside & Outside

  • wall house

The goal of the project was to fold two layers to create the whole space. The layers couldn’t be cut; these were folded to connect the cubic mass from outside. One layer creates unfolded plan of a cubic, and the other one support the whole space.

Because of fictitious force, the object comes back to the original position. The speed is added to the object. 3 dimensional curvature expresses the phenomenon that the steps come back to the original axis.

Interaction between inside & outside

In the pictures above, the person is static and the car is moving. The static force and the moving force offset each other and the person comes back to the original position.
Interaction between two objects affects each other and makes the two different things as one. In this project, each force represents outside and inside, and these spaces become one by the wall and the split space in between.


Oscillation House

  • a house for professional photographer

 The client is documentary photographer/ unmarried.
He needs develop room that can be occupied for long hours, Photograph Store, Camera store that is shaded and well ventilated, Personal cinema. Space isolated by nature.

The intensity of activity in the space is translated to the needs of light. Where the client is active, the needs is high and where the client is inactive, the needs is low. Two lines reminded me wave, and this become a series of waves that interacts each other; it offsets and intensify the amplitude.
Two different lights interact with each other and create the space by the amplitude. The spaces are connected by wavy stairs.


Picasso Work

  • changing 2D into 3D

The goal is to translate 2 dimensional Picasso’s work into 3 dimensional object. The lighter part became higher.



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