about me


  • Born in 1984.
  • Live in Seoul, Korea.
  • graduated from architectural course in 2011.
  • since then, have been working as an Assistant Architect.
  • which means that I don’t have a architectural licence. :)



  • Started working at Formwerkz Architect in Singapore.
  • Took part in Serangoon Gardenway(selected competition), 200 Turf Road(shopping mall renovation), Ristornate da Valantino(Italian restaurant interior).
  • After coming back to Korea,
  • Worked at KyeongKan Architect, architectural studio hANd and DD studio.
  • Always thinking of what I want and Still dreaming of what I can



  • Reading, Writing, Walking, Talking and all of things that only human can
  • Going to the movies. (don’t matter by myself, or with others)
  • Collecting movie and drama OST CDs.
  • Wearing Scarfs with colorful pattern and watches with big glass.
  • Loving the LOOK of blouse and jean.
  • Taking pictures and give them out to my people for present.

It will be updated more!!!


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