200 Turf Road

200 Turf Road

  • renovation project for transforming to shopping center

Turf city was built in 1933 for relocation of the Singapore Turf Club and open in 1999 as a shopping mall since the Singapore Turf Club moved to present location, Kranji.

There are two conditions here. One is that clients want to cut cost as much as possible due to the condition that they can owe this place for maximum 6 years. The other is that this place has unique structure called grandstand, where people used to look down races sitting on. Half of the space is grandstand totally open.

So, we decided to put containers for shops on grandstand and maintain existing one as much as possible. The idea of container brings several effects such as reducing contraction cost and time, giving visitors unique experience. Most of all, old and shabby containers really go with turf city.


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